Pratt & Whitney Singapore

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Pratt & Whitney in Singapore

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Pratt & Whitney operates 7 business units in Singapore engaged in the repair and overhaul of aircraft engine parts, as well as the provision of R&D services and parts supplies. These business units employ close to 2,400 employees in Singapore:

• Global Services Engineering-Asia (GSE-Asia)
• Combustor Airmotive Services (CAS)
• Eagle Services ASIA Pte Ltd (ESA)
• International Aerospace Tubes-Asia Pte Ltd (IAT-Asia)
• Pratt & Whitney Services
• Turbine Overhaul Services (TOS)
• Pratt & Whitney Canada S.E.A. (P&WC)

Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE)

Pratt & Whitney continues to strengthen its competitive edge through the rigorous application of United Technologies Corporation’s Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) program. ACE ensures best-in-class quality in our products and services with a focus on increasing efficiency and reducing waste. Our customers benefit from ACE performance through on-time delivery of superior quality products and services at competitive cost. ACE is carried out by each of our more than 2,400 employees in Singapore daily.


Critical to our success is our ability to build and maintain an inclusive work environment and diverse workforce that maximizes potential and drives innovation. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest, from the broadest talent pool possible to serve both our domestic and global customers. The goal of our diversity strategy is to create a workforce and environment where every employee is valued so innovation and creativity thrive. As we confront the challenges and opportunities of this new millennium, it is our goal to ensure that all employees are engaged and empowered. This is critical to the growth, prosperity and longevity of Pratt & Whitney.


Dedicated to Protecting the Environment

Pratt & Whitney will not be satisfied until its workplace is safe from hazards, its employees are injury-free, its products and services are safe, and its commitment and record in compliance, pollution prevention, and protection of the natural environment are unmatched.

The Highest Business Ethics Always

"As we confront today's challenging business climate, we must be dedicated to upholding the principles and standards of our Code of Ethics. Unlawful or unethical conduct harms our company and each of us, and we would rather lose business than compromise our standards." Louis R. Chenevert, UTC Chairman & CEO

Pratt & Whitney is committed to maintaining an ethical performance culture that adheres to the highest standards of business conduct and ensures sustainable compliance with all applicable laws and company policies. In our ethical performance culture, the UTC Code of Ethics guides every decision we make and every action we take on the company's behalf and its principles determine how we interact with our fellow employees, customers, suppliers, shareowners, competitors, the communities in which we operate.

Perfect Quality Wins Customer Loyalty

At Pratt & Whitney, our goal is to deliver perfect quality. We are committed to being the world-class provider of dependable engines, propulsion systems, parts and services that meet customer expectations. Quality, compliance to requirements, and continuous improvement are key in all that we do.

Pratt & Whitney. It’s in our power.